Competitive Soccer

Competitive Overview

    Los Gatos United strives to deliver a high quality competitive program that competes with local, State, Regional, and National teams. We promotes an attitude for passion and desire that creates a love and appreciation for the game. Our philosophy is grounded in the developmental progression of each individual player through out their time in our club.

    Our Competitive program is for players who are serious about soccer. This program allows boys and girls, the opportunity to take their skills to a higher level under the direction of our professional coaching staff. Players will develop the Los Gatos United way, which focusses on building confidence, humility, determination, resillience, dedication, and competitiveness. We believe that our job is to help build great people, not just great soccer players. Competitive players participate year around in a series of tournaments and league games during Spring, Summer, and Fall months. The competitive program holds tryouts in early December and starts it year the first week of February.

    Our competitive coaches provide a dynamic and intensive structure too every training, in order to ensure individual and team success. All coaches are paid staff that comes from a variety of playing and coaching backgrounds including; collegiate, professional, and international. Our coaches are able to identify the specific needs of each individual player, to create training environments that are challenging, rewarding, and most importantly, inspiring. To ensure positive player development and produce elite athletes, Los Gatos United understands the growth and maturity each player will progress through, during their careers as a competitive player.

We know that we aren’t quite done with our season, but we want to get everyone registered for the 2017 Comp tryouts.  We are doing tryouts a little different this year with the help of some new technology.  In the past we have had to ask for all sorts of paperwork and photos and have you go to multiple places to register.  This year we are putting all registration on your phone.

We will be collecting everything we need from you at one time.

Here is how it works:

  • Everything is mobile – You need to download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Create your account – We ask for all of the normal information (Name, Address, Email, Phone), but we will also be collecting a photo of the birth certificate and you will be digitally signing the 1601 form.
  • Complete checkout – You will chose your payment plan and add your payment method (Credit Card).

This is the important part–> You will be charged $10 as a tryout fee, BUT once you accept your spot on the team it gets credited to your account.  THE ONLY THING YOU ARE PAYING IS THE $10 when you register for the tryouts.

Here is what happens next…

  1. The club will create a team by adding the players to a list.  Once the team is set you will receive an invite to join the team.
  1. If you hit ACCEPT you will then be charged your first payment based on the payment options that you chose.  You will not be charged until you ACCEPT.
  2. If you hit DECLINE then your information will be deleted from the club and no payments will processed.

The app is called “Cinch Sports” and is available as a free download in the App Store and on Google Play.  The links are below:



If you have any questions please email Michelle at  She will be happy to walk you through registration on your mobile device.